My Approach 
A Holistic Approach for Best Outcomes

I counsel from a combination of perspectives.  This includes Bowen Family Systems Theory based on who you became in the family you grew up in.  Also, Person centered therapy, which aims to provide an environment in which clients do not feel threatened or judged. This enables you to accept more of who you are as a person and able to reconnect with your own values and sense of self-worth.

I also apply Gestalt therapy, being an approach that helps a client concentrate on the “here and now” experiences to remove obstacles created by past experiences. And finally Transpersonal counselling, which centers on the spiritual aspects of human life.

I might use any one or a combination of any of these approaches—or some not listed—based on your preferences and based on what I think might create the best positive outcomes for your experience.

What Counselling Sessions Look like
A Brief Synopsis

Countryside Counselling | Online Counselling ServicesI offer sessions online and face-to-face. I find that both are as effective. Online offers the convenience of doing a session no matter where you are in the world, and in the comfort of your home. Face-to-face offers its own unique experience with equal effectiveness.

At times I may suggest doing an emotional process.  Something like an envisioning exercise can help your awareness of self and others. However, you, the client, always remain in charge of whether you want to take that step or not.

I believe in assignments or take-away activities at times. This is where you practise bringing your new perspectives and tools to life. The reason I do this is because it can bring your learning to life between sessions, not just in the one hour that we are together. You get to practise these new tools, integrating them while you have hands-on support. This approach had a huge impact on my life and I believe it will on yours as well.

Whether we work online or face-to-face, we really work together, setting goals and working toward those. If you have any questions about my approach, please contact me for a free consultation.

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