Our Relationship with Transition =
Our Relationship with Success

People of all ages go through multiple transitions all the time. Some are slow, some are fast, some are chosen, and some are not. Some feel like tragedies or loss and some are wonderful like buying a house or getting married. But all transitions create challenge. It takes energy to go through change and so it is always a time of letting go and reinventing. This is a place where people can become profoundly stuck, even depressed and sometimes finding themselves in crisis of learning how to go through change that feels healthy and empowering. Now imagine that most of us are going through multiple changes at the same time.  Consider the profound impact that has on our life and our expectations of ourselves.

“Donna wasn’t afraid to uncover the ways she saw me sabotaging myself and kindly offer insights for me to consider and reflect upon. I was able to take her suggestions and create meaningful change in my life. I felt supported and cared for throughout our time together.  Thank you Donna!”

Anonymous, Transition of Self-Identity

Donna Kendrew, Countryside Counselling | Our Relationships

Life’s Transitions
Assess the Changes you are Experiencing Right Now


  • New relationship challenges
  • Struggling in relationship
  • Relationship break-up
  • Adjusting to single life

  • Loss of anyone we consider important
    (person, pet, friendship)
  • Midlife crisis / identity crisis
  • Self-esteem and confidence
  • Major birthday benchmarks / aging
  • Unable to conceive
  • Miscarriage, abortion
  • Learning to grieve

  • Becoming a new parent
  • Caregiving parents and children
    (sandwich generation)
  • Children leaving home (empty nest syndrome)
  • Caregiving for elderly parents

  • Changing careers
  • Going back to work/ job loss/ new job
  • Retirement
Health Issues

  • Changes in health status (self, partner)
  • Menopause transitions

Multiple Changes require Multiple Tools 
Empower Yourself Today with Counselling

Now that you are aware of how transitions can impact you, it is time to cut yourself some slack and learn some tools that are frequently not taught in our family systems, where often the opposite is taught. But, you have choice here.  Your biggest decision is what are you going to do? Are you going to ride these out?  Or will you get the support you need or deserve in order to learn how to navigate these transitions and empower yourself? Take the next step.

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